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Webpack and Rails

I wrote an example to show how to make Webpack work with Rails, the repo is here: webpackrails-example

The gem that I use in that example is webpackrails, it is forked from browserify-rails.

So, how to use Webpack in Rails?

Create a package.json file.

You need a package.json file in your Rails root.

bash { name: "abc", "dependencies": { "webpack": "^1.11.0" } } `

Run npm install to install the dependencies.

Create a webpack.config.js file.

You need a webpack.config.js file in your Rails root, this is optional if you don’t need any extra options for webpack.

Last, add webpackrails gem.

In the last, put gem 'webpackrails', '>= 1.0' in you Gemfile, then run bundle install.

To use react in your project, you will need react-rails gem, for more information, please check the example.



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