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Jekyll, the tag and category

Jekyll is a static site generator, the url is directory like, that’s mean if you have a post like “hello world”, and the url is “post/2015/04/23/hello-world”, then jekyll will generate a index.html file in “_site/post/2015/04/23/hello-world/” directory.

Jekyll doesn’t have the feature to generate a index.html file for each tag, and since the Github doesn’t allow jekyll plugins, so it’s hard to make the tag and category links work.

My solution is use Google to do the work. Suppose here is a tag named “javascript”, then we generate it as tag-javascript, so when we search in google with our site url along with the tag, like “site:towry.me tag-javascript”, google will list all posts in towry.me site which has a tag named “tag-javascript”. We can also hide the “tag-” part by using the css, the code:

.hide {
    position: absolute !important;
    left: -999px !important;

<span class='hide'>tag-</span>javascript

Demo: search “site:towry.me+tag-jekyll”



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